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PRODUCT: MOBILE WEBSITE - First Week had a $10,000 surge in business

Katie is one of our very fastest success stories. Despite coming into the program with a lot of anxiety, she managed to generate $10,000 in new business in the first 7 days after implementing a new mobile website for her practice.

PRODUCT: DIGITAL MARKETING BLUEPRINT & MOBILE - "I finally passed the quarter million dollar mark!"

After consulting with us and getting his own personalized digital marketing blueprint & mobile website, Josh passed one of his long standing goals of going over $250,000 in his pest control business (from $85K.) Not only has his income soared, he’s worked less on his marketing than ever before.

Josh Owner, Pest Control Company
Tim Accountant

PRODUCT: MOBILE WEBSITE & DIGITAL MARKETING BLUEPRINT - "$687,000+ additional revenue in with mobile."

We helped Tim get his business fully leveraged in mobile with a new mobile website and strategy.  In less than 7 months, moved his business from $175,000 to over $687,000 of which he said that "80% of new customers came via mobile search!" 


Amber is a financial expert who needed more higher net worth clients. We helped her with a mobile website tied to a new Facebook/LinkedIn marketing campaign that helped promote her client-engagement webinar, which brought her $62,000 in new business on the VERY first push.

Amber Investment Advisor
Anaya Dentist

PRODUCT: MOBILE WEBSITE- "$1.3MM gross billing revenue!"

We helped Anaya integrate a high-performing mobile website into her dental practice, which within 45 days, she enrolled 37 new patients  and in over one year moved from $780K to over $1,350,000 million in gross billings!

PRODUCT: MOBILE WEBSITE + DIGITAL MARKETING BLUEPRINT - "$250K in new client revenues in first six months of launching! Thank you!"

Dave owns a small accident/injury law practice and was aggressively pushing to get new clients.  We created a mobile website and marketing effort to promote his practice in his town.  Results were a very successful effort and over $250,000 in new client business in the first half of the year.

Dave Attorney
Olivia Office manager - HVAC Business

PRODUCT: MOBILE WEBSITE- "135 new customers in 5 months!"

Olivia is the office manager at a heating/air conditioning company on the West coast.  She was determined to help grow the business and contacted us on digital strategy and mobile.  We launched their mobile website and got the call from her that mobile inquiries were "crazy" and they gained 135 new customers from their mobile channel in less than 6 months.

PRODUCT: DIGITAL MARKETING BLUEPRINT - "$25,000/month now that I have digital working for me! Thank you so much for guiding me."

Ruby's story is great.  She left the corporate world to go out on her own helping small business with their recruiting efforts and aligning their HR strategies.  We helped her launch the digital portion of her business by finding out how, where and with what digital efforts would work best for her (mobile web, LinkedIn targeting, some precise Google PPC were her keys to success.) Now she's making more money in four months on her own than she did an entire year while being employed by someone else.  Love to hear that Ruby!

Ruby HR Consultant


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PLEASE NOTE: Everyone on this page is an extraordinary business entrepreneur – No one is EVER compensated in any way for what they write. They all made commitments, followed through, owned their success/failures and worked hard. No, we have not independently verified that the results they’ve shared are true or asked them for bank statements. Yes, we take their word for it. So, if you're still researching the JFK assassination for conspiracies or any of this makes you uneasy, you can read our 'testimonials' disclaimer to see if that makes you feel better.