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Solavista helps small businesses ($75K – $10MM annual revenue) grow their business with digital.

We make sure your mobile and digital marketing efforts get you more business, revenue and customer engagement with 100% customized mobile & digital business products and services that help you do just that.

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We’ve been in the digital & mobile marketing business for 15 years, so you can depend on us to be here when you need us. Our expertise has been featured on many media outlets and at numerous conferences. We’re profitable and privately owned so we answer to our customers and no one else.

A note from Chris, Founder

Christopher Brya
Christopher BryaFounder & CEO

“Hi there —A lot of people ask me why I bothered to build Solavista.

It’s a fair question. There are plenty of options out there for mobile & digital marketing.

But the playing field isn’t level.

I’ve been a part of Fortune 500 companies (Motorola, Revlon, Choice Hotels) helping them with mobile, digital marketing, e-commerce, user experience, social media and more. What really put me on the map as an expert was my pioneering work in mobile and digital that I did for Choice Hotels a few years ago that revolutionized the hotel industry. [You can learn more about that here if you’d like.]

But after all of that, what began to emerge was this HUGE gap in the small business sector: the mobile and digital marketing challenges for small business were similar, but their solutions are not. 

I’ll explain. 

Big business can and would engage the large consulting firms and pay them well into six-figures (I saw those purchase orders) for customized digital and mobile marketing strategies based on the unique qualities, industry, market and opportunities for their business.  

However, small businesses don’t have that option!

They are forced to read online “articles” or engage “one size fits all” firms where you’re a just a number or attempt to learn everything they can in digital only to hope and pray they chose the right tactics, we’re doing it correctly for hopefully, some ROI. No big business would tolerate that because it would fail miserably. Why should a smaller business? This just didn’t make sense to me.

That’s why I started Solavista: to provide 100% customized mobile and digital marketing solutions for small businesses.

I’m proud to say that Solavista fills that gap for small businesses to help you succeed with digital marketing (just like the big guys.) Nothing is generic. Our solutions are 100% customized for YOUR business. We just leave out the fluff, BS, irrelevant or useless stuff…and the six-figure price tag.

Maybe you feel overwhelmed or uncertain with what you should do in digital? (Note: Everyone is that doesn’t do this for a living.)

Maybe you’re tired of the Jack Butler method

If either are true and you’re ready to move forward with successful mobile & digital marketing solutions for your business, I hope you’ll learn how we can help you and give Solavista a try. I’m confident that you’ll love it.






Founder, Solavista

Giving Back


Giving back is a core value at Solavista. We will be donating a portion of our revenues each year to Acumen, who helps fund entrepreneurs with WAY tougher jobs than we have. They tackle world poverty challenges with incredible bravery and resilience.

Join us. Learn more and get involved!


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