Go digital? What the heck does that even mean anyway?



 Everyone is on mobile phones. Nobody reads print anymore. TV and radio use is down. You cannot advertise and market to get (or keep) customers like you used to. It means that your business has already been transformed by digital. You need to adapt to that or perish. Why? Because prospects today expect expect everything faster, better and cheaper. And more likely than ever to jump from screen to screen to get it.



Due to reality #1, it is more important than ever that you need to know exactly what digital business tactics are right for your business.  (And few businesses truly do.)

So, given all of that, where should you start?

Well, it probably makes sense to review the key digital transformation elements that you should be looking into today that are showing the greatest returns on investment. So let us start there...

Should you have a mobile website?

Only if you want to compete today. There is no getting around this.

Where is your phone right now? Probably within arms length. Same holds true for your prospects and customers. And that’s the real reason: we all have them and we’re addicted to the smartphone screen.

Also, Google recently decided to shake up their search algorithm to penalize websites that do NOT have a mobile version for their customers.

Want to see for yourself how much your business could stand to gain with a mobile website?

Do you need to advertise on a mobile network?

Mobile advertising today is simply showing your ads to the exact person, at the exact moment on the screen where you can engage them.  That's truly digital marketing today.

But we've seen some mobile ads work phenomenally well on certain ad networks and platforms and others it doesn't. It depends on your offer, target market, etc.

That said, with a mobile website, smart mobile advertising stands to grow your brand, business and growth faster than any other medium as well.

But you have to know what you’re doing. Want to see how and where you might capitalize on mobile marketing?

What about advertising on Facebook?

Facebook is more than cat videos and people upset about politics. Facebook advertising might be the greatest marketing medium going today. Why? Facebook has over 1,200 pieces of data on every user. And YOU can leverage that to your advantage.

Example: If you wanted to serve ads to moms over 30, that drive Audis, that live in Nebraska that have three kids and are looking for an orthodontist, you could. (And you can get more detailed than this!)

Facebook allows you to target your advertising like no other social network or search engine today.

We can show you how you can do that and drive more customers your way. Want to know how?

Would Twitter advertising work for me?

It could. It really depends on your business model. You see,  Twitter has recently transformed their ad options (to keep up with Facebook) by letting you target ads by keywords, interests, location, gender, language, device types and more.

Twitter has 3 key ways to advertise on their platform. Some work well, some are not worth the effort.

There are distinct advantages for small businesses on two of them that we've seen grow more followers and get you more brand push locally.

Twitter could be very powerful for you.  Want to see if you should craft your Twitter ad strategy to promote your business?

What is the real power of LinkedIn for my business?

If you're B2B (or B2C), you can target ads to professionals by job title, industry, geography, company, age, gender and more. Imagine marketing your company to professionals or companies on LinkedIn that are 5 miles around your business? You can!

467 million people are on LinkedIn. 40% check their profile daily.

LinkedIn’s ad platform also gives B2B marketers some real distinct advantages than other social networks.

No doubt if you offer products or services to companies, you’ll want to leverage that power. Could it work for you? Want us to show you if it can and how much?

Do I still need search engine optimization?

Google algorithm changes are changing, but one this remains the same: people still search. A LOT.  And it's on mobile now more than desktop!

The key is to optimize your content so that you and your company appears effectively in traditional search, mobile search and more.

So yes, SEO should be part of  larger digital marketing strategy. But to what degree? What should YOU be doing ?

Want to learn exactly what is the right kind of content that is both useful for your prospective (and current) customers doing research AND search engine friendly?

How can I tap into the Spanish speaking market?

Business leaders who are contemplating how to reach such an enormous market segment, especially through their digital presence, often ask us the same question: “Do we really need Spanish, or can we get by with just English?”

The Hispanic market will represent $1.5 trillion in purchasing power and 30% of the U.S. population by 2050.

If you want to market to online Hispanics effectively, the payoffs are huge if you do it right. Should your business leverage this? If so, how? We'll help you find out how much additional business you could be getting!

Is Google AdWords still a good ad platform?

Google AdWords is the world leader in PPC (pay per click) marketing.  It's still working for the majority of our customers, but you have to watch costs and do your research PRIOR to launching.

The key is clearly understanding your target customer's search intent so you don't wind up paying for top spots which kills your  budget fast.

Could a Google AdWords strategy work for your business?  It depends on a few key factors. Want to find out where and how it could propel your business?

Should I be utilizing digital commerce for my business?

Digital commerce is a type of e-commerce used by an organization that delivers and sells products online

The biggest opportunity for today’s retailer is to merge digital insights with in-store physical experiences and to create a seamless all-channel experience.

Let's take a look from what you can (or should) sell, how to start selling, and how to setup your business for e-commerce success.  Sound ok?

Do you need reputation management?

People shop you.  They do their research on you, your brand and more.  They're on Yelp. Facebook. HealthGrades. Angie's List and more.

What people are saying about you might not be accurate or fair. But what are you doing about your online perception?  

We find it's rare that ANY business today can avoid reputation management.. Let's take a look at your business and why/how you're being perceived and a plan to handle that.

Interesting in learning if, what, how often you need to monitor your online presence?

Is it effective for my business to market on Pinterest?

Pinterest has grown to become world’s 4th largest social network and shocker, they allow people to advertise. And no, not just we? They've opened their ad platform to everyone. Pinterest is becoming a unique opportunity for some businesses.  There are two ways:

Query based visibility (customers viewing your ads based on what they’ve searched—like Google) and…

Contextual visibility (customers viewing your ads based on demographic data points like age and gender—similar to Facebook.)

Should your business leverage these opportunities on Pinterest or would it be non-effective? Want to know before you take the plunge?

Does e-mail marketing still work?

Email marketing allows business owners to reach a large number of consumers at a rate of pennies per message. For small business owners, this makes it a better choice that traditional marketing channels like radio, direct-mail or directory ads.

Often times for small businesses, and done properly, e-mail marketing is the "glue" that holds much of the digital marketing efforts together.  

Want to find out how impactful email marketing could (read: should) be in your business?

Should your email marketing be automated?

More than likely, the answer is a resounding YES. If done correctly, automation becomes a digital marketing machine for you!

Imagine the time and money savings of having value delivered to your prospects AND customers automatically for those engaging with you?  

Want see if automating your email marketing to get your prospects engaged (with less time and effort) makes sense for you business?

Want a completely customized digital marketing system to get more traffic, customers and revenue?

Solavista creates digital business solutions for small businesses.

Let us help you define where your largest digital opportunities are to dominate your market.

We’ll craft a complete digital marketing roadmap for your business based on your market, industry, location and competition.

Turnaround time for customized digital marketing plans are about 15 business days. Want to get ahead in the digital era by knowing what you should be doing?